International Relocation Services

As more and more businesses move to become a global player in this world economy, there is a critical need for talent development and resourcing for those moving into and out of the U. S.

Global companies who are committed to an international resourcing philosophy will focus on a number of objectives, five of the most critical are:

  • The Company is committed to developing its talent and strengthening the diversity of the senior management team.
  • International experience is seen as necessary for talent development in the organization.
  • Selected local talent should be encouraged to work abroad and across business lines/functions as part of their development.
  • Group businesses have a collective responsibility to provide opportunities for developing the group’s talent.
  • Making use of the experience and expertise gained during such an assignment upon repatriation of the individual.

CRG provides services including, but not limited to:

  • Candidate Assessment
  • VISA / Immigration
  • Global Compensation
  • International Assignment Management
  • Sea / Air Shipment Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Family & Spousal Support
  • Cultural & Language Training
  • Tax coordination