U.S. Government Relocation Services

In January 2019, Compass was approved for participation on GSA Schedule 48, FSC Group SIN 653-1, 653-4 and 653-5, contract period January 25, 2019 – January 24, 2024. Our program offers U.S. federal government agencies and subcontractors purchasing on the GSA Schedule 48, exceptional value, creative program solutions, as well as the unique flexibilities associated with working with a certified Small Business.

U.S. Government Relocation Services 1Our executives, managers, and front-line team of relocation consultants focus completely on meeting full compliance with U.S. federal government regulations on behalf of our agency and subcontractor customers while providing a positive experience for their employees making a change in duty stations.

Our Government Relocation Services include:

  • 653-1 Relocation Service Package
  • 653-4 Additional Services
  • 653-5 Agency Customization Services