Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Home Sale Programs can you administer?
Compass Relocation Group offers Buyer Value Option, Guaranteed Buy-out and Amended Value Options.  The Home Sale Programs are managed to effectively reduced tax liability for the Corporation and increase service to the Employee and family.

How does your Lump Sum Program work?

Compass Relocation offers more than one effective Lump Sum solution.  We will advance employee lump sum payments, and provide counseling to the Employee to assist in using the funds most effectively or we will manage an individual relocation budget, tracking each expense and managing the budget vs. actual expenses.  Lump Sum programs reduce administrative burden and transitioning employees will feel more involved in the process when managing the funds to successful relocation outcomes.   CRG offers the only lump sum program with  substantial discounts provided.

How do you select your sourcing partners?
CRG has a certification program, which mandates that our providers meet stringent best in class metrics.  A provider can’t “buy” a space on our list of approved vendors – they have to earn it through service, pricing, etc.

For a complete description of our sourcing management process…email us at

“CRG’s revenue sharing program ensures you are working with the most value driven professionals in the industry.”  Because of our business model, we have the ability to provide significant discounts for in-network relocations. 

Do you manage small account buyers?
CRG doesn’t discriminate.  We intentionally approach emerging businesses in an effort to both educate and inform clients of all that goes into managing expansion and growth relative to relocation.

Do you take referral fees from agents?
Referral fees are quite common in the Relocation industry, as well as broker-to-broker, etc.  CRG manages the industry’s most reasonable sourcing partner fees and discounts.  We believe in paying for value and providing additional benefits / cost savings to our clients.

Will CRG work with my suppliers?
CRG will work with any supplier who meets our metric management process and provides exceptional performance delivery to our clients.  Historically, relocation management companies want the luxury of using their agreements as a means to collect substantial revenue on the move.  We simply provide a management fee for managing a contract you already negotiated.

Will CRG provide spousal assistance in the destination city?
CRG works with an assortment of career support and outplacement partners to ensure professional job search and placement services.

Who are CRG’s partners?
CRG has developed many relationships with real estate and brokerage firms.  We have developed very unique sourcing partner agreements, which reward our partners for delivering high quality customized service programs.  We embrace partners who serve at the highest level. 

Will CRG use vendors chosen by the client’s company?
Yes. CRG understands clients may have current working relationships in place with local providers. CRG will continue to work with any such vendors at the client’s request and include them in the implementation process to verify contracts and processes to support the client’s transferees. If this includes a company that CRG also uses, we recommend a review of both contracts to determine which is most cost-effective for you.

Does CRG provide relocation services in rural areas?
Yes. Due to our client mix and rural property experience, we have the best providers in rural areas. In fact, many of our clients regularly transfer employees in and out of rural towns. We will implement creative solutions to challenges such as selling properties in rural areas and finding quality temporary living accommodations.

Does CRG have a minimum transfer volume?

No, CRG does not require a client to meet a minimum annual transfer volume. CRG works with many diverse clients who require unique needs.  

Where is CRG located?
CRG is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional offices in several other locations.

Does CRG administer large-group relocations?
Yes, CRG manages clients with several types of group moves including centralization of services, opening of new facilities, closing of facilities and mergers/acquisitions.  Beyond this, CRG manages corporate office relocation projects. 

How could outsourcing our company’s relocation services to CRG benefit us?
Most CRG clients fully outsource their relocation program which allows their internal HR professionals to focus on core business needs and gain efficiencies in administering their program. Some of the resulting benefits include:

  • Providing access to dedicated experts in relocation management through external resources
  • Increasing transferee satisfaction with the relocation experience
  • Reducing head count and fixed-cost liabilities
  • Providing free non-capital resources
  • Refining strategy, direction, policy and processes
  • Gaining access to the most qualified supplier partners
  • Receiving customized service delivery

How is CRG structured?
Each team is managed by an Operations Manager who is responsible for overall program administration. The Manager is supported by relocation consultants and other specialists. Each transferee is assigned a primary contact for his / her relocation.

How can CRG help our company if we do not have a relocation policy?
CRG will guide you through the necessary steps associated with a full in-depth review of your company’s relocation needs. This may include comments from previous transferees, administrators, recruiters and management to better understand such issues as: high cost areas, geographic relocation patterns, transferee profiles, company culture, philosophy and goals. We will benchmark the current policy with industry standards, your company’s historical costs and market trends. With this information, we will recommend a policy to fit your needs.

Once our company has implemented a relocation policy, how do we know when to make modifications?
CRG may recommend policy changes after a brief time working with clients. For example, after tracking exceptions for one client during a six month period, we suggested several changes, saving the transferee and client administrators many hours of time and involvement in the program. We monitored results and costs – reporting a savings of 8 hours per month in administrative time for the client while improving transferee satisfaction in several policy benefits.

Can outsourcing our company’s relocation services to CRG be advantageous to us?
Most CRG clients fully outsource their relocation program which allows their internal HR professionals to focus on core business needs and gain efficiencies in administering their program. Some of the resulting benefits include:

  • Providing access to dedicated experts in relocation management through our unique sourcing partner network
  • Increasing transferee satisfaction with the relocation experience by single sourcing
  • Reducing head count and fixed-cost liabilities
  • Providing free non-capital resources
  • Refining strategy, direction, policy and processes
  • Gaining access to the most qualified sourcing partners
  • Receiving customized service delivery
  • Build a unique low cost Lump Sum Solution (click here to learn more about CRG’s Lump Sum Solution)

Are online support and resources accessible for relocating clients?
Yes, CRG offers a client/transferee Members Only web access. Our technology is complemented by our secure Members Only web access, a dynamic and interactive solution tailored for each client and employee. Through the personalized web site, the employee can track his or her relocation status, access a variety of information and interact with CRG. Authorized client personnel can manage the relocation program online, view and download reports, and track the status of each employee’s move.

Does CRG handle international assignments?
Yes, CRG provides international relocation services in more than 40 countries. CRG manages all facets of international relocation, including but not limited to, home purchase and sale with the U.S. and Canada, destination services, household goods shipping and storage coordination, cross-cultural/language training, pre-move relocation assessment, immigration and visa assistance, temporary living, property management, balance sheet compensation and tax consulting, spouse /partner employment assistance and banking options.

What type of tax assistance does CRG provide for international clients?
CRG coordinates reporting of expenses for assignees to their company’s designated tax equalization partners, who serve as respondents to assignee tax questions. Typically, CRG provides an electronic file to report the expenses to date for each assignee, allowing the third-party tax provider to follow the tax equalization process for the home and host countries.

Does CRG provide destination services outside the U.S.?
Yes. CRG provides a full array of destination services, home finding, rental finding, temporary housing and household goods moves in international locations.

What advice can you give me on how to plan for moving overseas?

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!
As soon as you know that you’re going to be moving overseas, contact your international moving company.
In addition, begin to think about separating items to be sold, stored, disposed of, given away, moved by sea, moved by air or delivered to another family member before your departure. You should have a clear idea about these categories before completing the pre-move survey.

As you approach moving day, think about which items will accompany you when moving overseas, specifically travel papers, immediate clothing, passports, medical documentation and records, family papers, valuables, jewelry, medication, school records, etc.

CRG can provide a variety of host country information including destination profiles and country fact sheets.

How do I know that I’m dealing with a reputable international moving company?
It’s important that you verify the credentials of any moving company, but particularly for an international move.
CRG manages international moves for major Fortune 500 companies on a worldwide basis


Does CRG provide tax gross-up assistance?
Yes, CRG Expense Administration tracks the taxable and non-taxable relocation expenses reimbursed to each relocating employee as well as the costs paid to all outside supplier partners. CRG’s software is designed to calculate gross-up using either the marginal tax rates or supplemental tax rates. For each transferee, CRG provides the company with a record of all relocation expenses reimbursed, gives W2 information to payroll and provides a Relocation Tax Report (formerly Form 4782) for each transferee. The report is accompanied by an explanatory cover letter that can be distributed by CRG or the payroll department with the employee’s W2.

How are payments made to the transferring employee?
We can make payments to transferees by check or ACH (electronic deposit) for any calculated amounts, such as lump sums, relocation allowances, home sale bonus, loss on sale payments, etc.  An option is also available for CRG to calculate these payments and provide them to our client to disburse payments through payroll.

How can CRG be of assistance to transferees as they prepare their taxes?

As a service to assist the transferee in the preparation of his/her taxes, CRG itemizes the expenses and reports them on a Relocation Tax Report (formerly IRS Form 4782). This report is sent to the transferee directly or to his/her company, if preferred, for distribution to the transferee.

CRG also answers transferee questions as they relate to the tax treatment of relocation expenses provided by us. We serve as a resource for the transferee’s tax advisor who may not specialize in relocation tax issues. Transferees and their tax preparers are encouraged to call CRG with questions, rather than the client company’s payroll department.

Are all charges included in the moving estimate?
This depends on the type of moving services that you’ve purchased. If you request a door-to-door move, then all transportation charges should be included in the price that’s quoted to you.

However, even on a door-to-door international move, you’ll be responsible for customs clearance charges plus any applicable taxes or duties on your shipment.
Review your moving quote with your CRG representative to make sure you understand the terms of your quotation, particularly when you’re comparing a number of different service/price options.

What are the different cost/service options available to me?
When moving overseas you have a number of moving services available to you. You may select a moving service based on the price, transit time, method of containerization, routing consolidation opportunities, sea or air freight, port of exit, etc. Each option’s cost component determines the amount you’ll pay.
In general terms, it is advisable to select the most direct route with a minimum amount of handling. However, every move and personal budget is different so it is important that you work with your CRG representative to determine the best moving services to meet your personal needs.
Remember, when calculating the cost of your international move, you should be aware of the total cost including the amount of time you’ll have to wait for the arrival of your goods at destination. If you’re going to have to stay in a hotel or other temporary housing until your household shipment arrives, you’ll need to consider these costs as well as the cost of the shipping charges. Many people have made the mistake of selecting the slowest transit time (cheapest price) and then had the expense of two to three weeks of hotel costs while they awaited the delivery of their shipment.

Can international moving companies provide insurance for my international move?
All reputable international movers will be able to provide you with coverage for your household and personal effects during an international move.
There is no one standard international moving coverage available that all international moving companies utilize. It is important, therefore, that you check any policy to determine the extent of the coverage, the nature of any exclusions, the amount of any deductible and the procedure in the event that you have to file a claim.
If you would like more information about CRG’s insurance program, please contact your local agent by calling us at 1-877-427-4735 or emailing us at

How do I determine the level of insurance coverage that is required for my belongings in an international move?
In general, you should think about what it would cost to replace your household goods and personal effects in the country of destination.
Some consulates and embassies will carry cost of living and price index data that you can refer to as a guideline.
When completing your international valuation paperwork, please be as detailed as possible. Remember to mark down individual items that have a high replacement cost. It’s better to have too much information than not enough in this instance.
If you have any questions relating to the coverage on your international move, contact your CRG representative immediately.

Who will provide delivery services at destination?
CRG has developed a comprehensive network of corporate overseas agents based on their quality of service and experience. Our agents provide moving services and expertise in the following areas:

  • port of arrival and customs clearance procedures
  • transportation from the destination port of arrival
  • temporary or long term moving storage if required
  • delivery to residence
  • full unpacking services
  • removal of all related packing debris and moving supplies

When I arrive at my overseas destination, whom should I contact to determine the status of my shipment?
Prior to your departure, your international moving company should provide you with a destination contact sheet. This will contain information about who to contact when you arrive at your final destination.

When you move with CRG, we’ll provide you with the contact names and details of either our office or agent in the destination city to which you’re moving. In most cases, we’ll have already sent your information to your office/agent and they’ll contact you when you arrive. You may also use our online tracking tool to keep updated on the status of your shipment.

For immediate status updates, contact your CRG Relocation Counselor at 1-877-427-4735.

Where should I go to find the most up-to-date information regarding customs clearance documentation requirements?
Due to the frequency in which paperwork requirements change, it’s important (and ultimately your responsibility) to contact the local embassy or consulate to verify the documentation that is needed to obtain duty-free entry of used household goods and personal effects.

Although a reputable international moving company will have a list of the most recent documentation requirements, it’s still your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct documentation for your personal situation.