Expense Management Services

As Companies search for fresh ways to cut costs and increase profitability, many overlook a common area that accounts for a very large corporate expenditure: employee relocation spending.  From unbiased audit and approval, timely payment, and proper taxability and tracking of submitted expense reports and vendor invoices, CRG helps to significantly control costs, and ensures compliance with corporate policies and tax reporting requirements.  The real-time results are maximum efficiency of administration, control, and bottom-line savings.

Compass Relocation Group creates proactive business management by transforming expense management data into valuable information that:

  • Clear, concise audit of all employee reimbursements and vendor invoices for accuracy and policy compliance.
  • Tracks exceptions to policy to ensure integrity of service delivery and policy utilization.
  • Provides reporting for Company and captures financials to aid in corporate budget and accrual processes.

Expenses received by CRG via employee expense reimbursements, vendor invoices, or through Company directive.  Centralized management of the process helps ensure expense data is properly captured, appropriately tracked, and reported to payroll and management.